Free baggage allowance

The Passenger has the right for free carriage of baggage within the limits of the prescribed allowance without additional charges. The free baggage allowance for each Passenger on scheduled flights shall be as follows: 20 kg - for economy-class Passengers, 30 kg - for business-class Passengers, 10 kg – for infants under 2 years of age not occupying a separate seat.

Weight of hand baggage shall be included into free baggage allowance.

Different free baggage allowances apply on charter flights. For more information on free baggage allowance for a particular flight, please contact your tour operator.

The airline ORENAIR recommends to attach a name tag to each piece of baggage, specifying the owner’s name, address and telephone number (in Latin letters).

The free baggage allowance does not extend to:

  • passenger personal things with the sum of the three dimensions in a packed form exceeding 203 cm notwithstanding the nature and purpose (oversized baggage);
  • passenger personal things that weigh more than 32 kg notwithstanding the nature and purpose;
  • TV sets, tape recorders, video and audio equipment, as well as computer equipment and its components, office equipment, at least one item of which weights more than 10 kg;
  • automobile, motorcycle; motor boat and other transport equipment (scrap tires, side panels etc.) that were not packed up in a suitcase, box or other packing materials;
  • flowers, planting stock, culinary plants, dried plants, offshoots of trees and bushes weighting more than 5 kg in total;
  • correspondence, accompanied by special communication couriers of Ministry of Communications of Russian Federation or employees of other departments;
  • domestic animals and birds, except guide-dogs, accompanying blind passengers; such dogs are transported within the prescribed allowance.

Carriage charge for the transportation of the specified baggage is based on its actual weight and does not depend on the number of other Passengers items taken as baggage.

On scheduled flights one set of equipment is included in the free baggage allowance. Two or more sets of equipment are carried under the terms of the General rules for carriage.

Sports equipment includes ski, snowboard and hockey equipment provided the following conditions are met:

  • ski equipment (one case with one pair of skis and one pair of ski poles, one piece of baggage with one pair of ski boots);
  • snowboard equipment (one case with one snowboard and one piece of baggage with one pair of snowboarding boots);
  • hockey equipment (one case with hockey kit and one case with 2 hockey sticks).