Hand baggage

Passengers are obliged to take care themselves of the hand baggage they carry in the cabin. Weight of hand baggage shall be included into free baggage allowance.

The Passenger may only carry one item of unchecked baggage, weighing up to 5 kg, with the sum of three dimensions not exceeding 115 cm (55x40x20).

Passengers are obliged to present all their baggage for weighing at check-in, except items, which the Passenger might need at the time of boarding, disembarkation or flight, if they are kept in carry-on baggage and are not included in the checked baggage:

  • lady's handbag or a briefcase;
  • paper folder;
  • umbrella;
  • walking stick;
  • bouquet of flowers;
  • outer garment;
  • reading material for the flight;
  • infant food for the time of flight;
  • cell phone;
  • photo camera;
  • video camera;
  • portable computer;
  • suit in a holdall;
  • travel cradle for a Passenger with child;
  • barrow, collapsible wheelchair or crutches for Passengers with reduced mobility.

Items listed in this paragraph are not subject to weight, not subject to registration and tags are not marked (except for baby crib, baby strollers, the dimensions of which exceed the permitted hand luggage).

Regulations for the transport of liquids, gels and aerosols in their carry-on:

  • Passengers carried in hand luggage liquids in containers with a capacity not exceeding 100 ml (or the equivalent in other volumetric measurements), packed in a secure plastic bag of not more than 1 liter - one package per passenger;
  • Liquids in containers larger than 100ml will not be accepted, even if the container is only partially filled;
  • Exceptions for medicines, baby food and special dietary needs;
  • Liquids purchased in duty free shops must be packaged in a securely sealed (sealed) plastic package to enable identification of access to contents of the bag during the flight on which there is reliable evidence that the purchase is done in airport duty free shops or on board aircraft ship day (s) trip.