News for 2012 year

25 December 2012  
The 27th Boeing 737 in ORENAIR fleet!

The aircraft is capable of carrying 186 passengers in economy-class

20 December 2012  
ORENAIR acquired third Boeing 777-200ER!

The aircraft is capable of carrying 364 passengers

22 November 2012  
ORENAIR celebrates 20 years of flying from Germany to Russia

During the past 19 years ORENAIR performed 1 220 flights and carried 282 thousand passengers

19 November 2012  
Hurry for tickets to Prague and Dubai!

Direct flights are performed on a comfortable liner Boeing 737-800

18 September 2012  
ORENAIR offers flights from Saint-Petersburg to Kulyab!

Flights are performed from October 29, 2012 on Mondays

03 September 2012  
ORENAIR launched Simplified Interline Settlement

The SIS Project aims to remove paper documents from the airline industry’s interline billing and settlement process

28 August 2012  
Anniversary aircraft of ORENAIR!

Boeing 737-800 is a leader in ORENAIR fleet

11 July 2012  
The second Boeing 777-200 ER in ORENAIR fleet

Boeing 777-200 ER is intended for carrying 364 passengers

02 July 2012  
ORENAIR offers a seat selection option

Enjoy maximum comfort during your flight!