Unaccompanied children

Rules for the carriage of unaccompanied children:

  • An unaccompanied child is a child, travelling without parents and not entrusted to any passengers (aged 18 and more), who is capable of being responsible for the child during carriage, as well as at the moment of changing the aircraft/flight, passing the check-in procedures, etc.
  • Unaccompanied children can be accepted for carriage only from parents, relatives, trustees. Age of children: from 7 to 12 years old, at the parents’ discretion – up to 14 years old.
  • Unaccompanied children can be accepted for carriage only for regular flights, performed from the base airport, or from airports with the office of ORENAIR resident representative.
  • Domestic/international carriage: only for non-stop flights upon the availability of ORENAIR representative of points of departure and arrival.
  • Carriage of unaccompanied children is permitted only in case of confirmed reservations at all flight legs.
  • The sum payable for the carriage of an unaccompanied child equals 100% of the corresponding adult fare (special fare for carriage of unaccompanied children) irrespective of the age of the child. In this case the carrier provides the child with a separate seat in the passenger cabin and with a free baggage allowance subject to the established rates. Excess and oversized baggage of the child is registered for carriage in accordance with the general rules for the carriage of baggage.
  • Unaccompanied children are accepted for carriage only after parents (adoptive parents/ trustees) have completed the necessary documents, namely – Statement of obligation for carriage of an unaccompanied child (PDF-file, 766 Kb).
  • Hereafter « Obligation», with the indication of all necessary data, upon approval of the carrier and the escorting person at the airport of origin this Obligation can also include other special information about the child (traits of character, list of documents and sum of money in child’s possession, numbers of baggage tags, etc.). The blanks of the Obligation are available in all representative offices of the airline and in Transportation Organization Service of the base airport, and in air transportation agencies.
  • The personnel of the airline provide a continuous control of the unaccompanied child, from the moment of acceptance from the parents (adoptive parents / trustees) to the moment of passing the child to collecting persons in the airport of destination. The child is considered as accepted for carriage after his/her check-in and when the accompanying person in the airport of origin has put the signature in the respective field of the Obligation.
  • All facts of passing the child and his/her documents from one officer of the airline to the other are verified by signatures in the respective fields of the Obligation.

Documents, necessary for carriage of unaccompanied children flying with ORENAIR:

  • The following documents are necessary for carriage of unaccompanied children on ORENAIR domestic flights:
    1. « Statement of Obligation for carriage of an unaccompanied child»;
    2. Birth certificate or passport of the child
  • The following documents are necessary for carriage of unaccompanied child on ORENAIR international flights

    1. « Statement of Obligation for carriage of an unaccompanied child»;
    2. International passport (visa, if required by the rules of entrance to/exit from the state of destination);
    3. If an under age passenger leaves the territory of the country without parents, adoptive parents, tutors or trustees, he/she together with the passport must have a notarized consent of the above mentioned persons for the departure of an under age citizen of the Russian Federation supported by the dates of departure and state(s) he/she is going to visit. The power of attorney must contain the validity period, which coincides with the period of transportation and residence in the country of destination and itinerary of the child.