Change of e-ticket conditions

Tickets at the lowest fares issued at the ticket-desks or on the official website, may be prohibited for voluntary refund and/or voluntary exchange.
As to the special WEB-fares, it is possible to change the e-ticket conditions no later than 24 hours before the flight, if this is not forbidden by the fare rules. E-ticket refund is the only way in the other cases.
Please be acquainted with the fares application.

Carriage conditions can be changed with application, send to ORENAIR, or in one of authorized ticket offices.

E-ticket change in ticket office:

Agency has a right to impose service charge in cash in the case of change of e-ticket paid online. The surcharge will be collected on MCO (Miscellaneous Charges Order), additional surcharge for higher service class is paid in cash by the passenger.

Ticket conditions can be changed either by the passenger, in whose name the ticket was issued, or by his/her notarized representative.

The passenger must submit the following:

  • passport;
  • passenger representative should have a notarized power of attorney.

Change conditions in the Airline office:

In case of the voluntary exchange of air tickets through the airline, passenger can change only flight number and date if:

  • there are seats on the new date and/or at new flight;
  • under the terms of the applied tariff rate in the exchange are not charged additional fees;
  • stay in a terminal point does not exceed a maximum stay given in the Tariff Fare Application of the applied tariff.

Voluntary change of the partially used transfer ticket is forbidden.

If the application for the voluntary exchange of e-ticket submitted less than 24 hours before departure, the procedure for changing the conditions of carriage through the implementation of the Airline can not be. Passenger should contact one of the authorized ticket-offices to change the conditions of carriage. Except for the tariff for which according to tariff application shall not be charged penalties for the voluntary transactions with the flight ticket for less than 24 hours.

Ticket conditions can be changed either by the passenger, in whose name the ticket was issued, or by his/her notarized representative.

Exchange is considered involuntary in the case of:

  • flight delay or cancellation;
  • route change by the Airline;
  • off-schedule flight;
  • the Airline is unable to provide passenger with a seat at the flight and on date shown in the ticket;
  • failure to transport Passenger by air as a result of passenger delay in the airport because of long-time screening, if no substances or objects prohibited to transportation were found;
  • if the Airline failed to provide connecting flights;
  • sudden disease or death of Passenger’s family member travelling together with him/her by air, that can be confirmed with doctor’s certificate;
  • Airline failure to provide Passenger with service indicated in the ticket.

Exchanging e-ticket you need to send to the e-mail or by fax: +7 (3532) 67-67-44:

  • scan of E-ticket Exchange Application (PDF-file, 117 Kb);
  • scan of passport (personal data);
  • scan of birth certificate (for children under 14 years);
  • scan of notarized power of attorney (in case of representative).

Exchange Application is accepted if:

  • there are all necessary documents;
  • Refund Application is properly executed.

E-ticket Exchange Application is considered within 2 hours from the moment of its receiving during specialist’s working hours.

Working time of online shop specialists is set from 6.00 to 18.00 (Moscow time) on a daily basis. Saturday, Sundaylunch break 11.00 – 12.00 (Moscow time).

Original Exchange Application shall be sent to the following address:
460049, Russian Federation, Orenburg district, Orenburg region, Airport, JSC "Orenburg Airlines", Department for Organization of Air Transportation Sale, Online shop.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by tel. (Orenburg) +7 (3532) 67-65-07 or e-mail: